The importance of one-to-one time!

The benefits of one-to-one time with kids!
🌱 Build a Deeper Bond
Spending quality time with a child allows you to build a strong bond with him. This special time helps a child feel safe and secure. It is also shown to help a child’s development and overall happiness.
🌱 Reduce Attention Seeking Behavior
When a child spends quality time with adults/teachers, it typically reduces attention seeking behavior. When they are able to have one-on-one time this allows for sharing and extra attention solely on them. This can reduce attention seeking behavior both at home and at school.
🌱 Learn Individual Child’s Strengths
When you are able to spend individual time with a child you are more prone to tune in to his strengths, and even areas that may need improvement. This allows you to help them develop as a person, and help them to reach their full potential.
So what does one-on-one time look like in such a rushed world? It can be almost anything!
💡Cook with one child each night.
💡Read a book together.
💡Go on a walk around the neighborhood.
💡Listen to music and dance.
💡Make an art project.
💡Take turns grocery shopping with each child.
💡Go out to lunch or dinner.
The list is endless. Bottom line is, quality time with your children is important. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Simply put, your children want your attention and giving them that time is good for them and good for you too!
Enjoy your Easter Holiday 🐇💛🥚💛🐣!